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A journey through perfumes, flavors and colors

At the Restaurant we want to let you know and experience what we have most dear and authentic: our land and our culinary culture, convinced that we are the story of a territory beginning at the table! We are in the land of the Mediterranean Diet. We are in Paestum a territory in which gastronomic wealth offers only the embarrassment of choice: the renowned Bufala Mozzarella, the precious vegetables of the Piana del Sele, the gourds of the Gulf of Salerno, the oil of our hills are just a few of the products That our chef Pasquale translates into alternative dishes that follow the colors of nature. From the cellar the right wine for every dish: from the great names of viticulture to the small family-run businesses, our paper envisions the best labels of the Salerno and Campania wine-making panorama. The hotel offers its guests the opportunity to dine with the " Half board option or to reserve the table to eat à la Carte.At Ristorante every dish tells a story, the story of traditional local products, of DOP and IGP excellence, of the “great classics” in our culinary history.Guided by the changing seasons, we vary our menus according to the raw ingredients available, and these are transformed and exalted in the skilled hands of our chef, giving rise to rewarding new taste experiences.
The products used in our cooking are at km 0 or short supply chain they come from the surrounding territory to the Hotel. Our cuisine is dedicated to the eating a typical, good, healthy and traditional meals as before, this is part of our Italian culture we are defending. Supporters of the Mediterranean diet, in the kitchen we transform our local products to satisfy the palates, not only for gourmets but including those who are searching for oldest flavors and want to rediscover the the old cuisine recipes of Cilento. At least at the dinner table we return to the origins of eating. The cuisine is prepared personally by our chef Pasquale and Giuliano.