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Artichoke Festival of Paestum IGP and Orchids of Sassano

The  Festival of Artichoke Paestum IGP will take place on April and  May  and will once again be hosted by the quaint village of Gromola in Capaccio-Paestum. The event is organized by the Cultural Association 'The Temple of Hera Argiva' with the support of the Consortium of Protection of the Artichoke of Paestum PGI and of the O.P. Terra Orti.

Feast in the Valley of the Orchids of Sassano.
Every year is celebrated in May, in the municipality of Sassano in the province of Salerno, more precisely in the park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, the wild orchid with various and beautiful folklore events, such as shows
music and typical local products.
The Valle delle Orchidee is located in the municipality of Sassano. In the "open structure" of 47 sq. Km
of the Valley and along a 13 km route, you can observe varied species of wild orchids.
The visitor can admire 184 entities of wild orchids (68 species, 57 subspecies, 35 varieties, 24 hybrids). A naturalistic heritage especially if you think that in the protected area of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano there are 254 species of wild orchids and 319 are reported in all of Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

Salerno Luci d’artista

The city of Salerno will offer throughout the period from November - January its spectacular Christmas lighting with the new edition of "Luci d'Artista". Elves, dragons, stars and spells.
The en plein air artworks create a magical atmosphere punctuated by fairytale and mythological elements. Elves, flying carpets, lanterns and dragons, the universe and the enchanted garden. And then the big Christmas trees and the ice forest etc.

Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi

In the session of December 15, 1863, the City Council, for the firm will of the new mayor Matteo Lucani, resolves the controversial issue where to build the theater, off Santa Teresa or off the barrier outside Portanuova, choosing the area of ​​Santa Teresa as the place on which the building should rise. The "Teatro Verdi of Salerno" was inaugurated in 1872 with the staging of Rigoletto. The architectural structure presents decorative elements from the Renaissance and classical periods. The interiors are finely defined and frescoed with floral decorations. At the center of the room there is a painting by Di Criscito made in 1800. Excellent acoustics of the Verdi of Salerno, which re-proposes the internal structure similar to the San Carlo of Naples. Every year, the billboard presents performances ranging from musicals to prose from concerts to opera. which gives the lyric of the Verdi theater the right international resonance. The last inauguration of the Teatro Verdi in Salerno dates back to 1994, after laborious renovations. The crowning of a historical path dedicated to music has led to the nomination of an artistic director of the caliber of Daniel Oren, who gives the opera's lyric the right international resonance

La Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico
Paestum, Salerno XXI I Edizione 14 - 17 novembre 2019

The 21st edition of the Mediterranean Archaeological Heritage of Paestum, UNESCO site since 1998, from October 25th to 28th, 2018. The Archaeological Park (Exhibition Hall, ArchaeoExperience, ArchaeoMeetings), the National Archaeological Museum ( ArchaeoVirtual, Conferences, Workshop with Foreign Buyers) and the Paleochristian Basilica (Opening Conference, ArchaeoWorking, Meetings with the Protagonists) will be the wonderful locations for the Exchange.

Parco Archeologico di Paestum

The Archaeological Park of Paestum, registered since 1998 in the UNESCO World Heritage List, since 2014 is an autonomous museum complex of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The Mission is to conserve, study, communicate and manage a heritage of monuments and collections that is unique in the world. The Archaeological Park of Paestum is supported thanks to its own income and public funding. For particular projects and important investments it also makes use of European funding, donations and sponsorships.
The summer program in Paestum is very colorful, some examples: Let yourself be enchanted by the milennial columns under the stars and by an exceptional program, which ranges from classical music to dance, from jazz to Neapolitan music. The Music festival at the temples, will meet you every Friday, from 30 June to 15 September, at 21:00, near the temple of Neptune .

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